The Goode Family: Series Premiere Review


You would think a show about a family acting trying to squeeze into this new society where a Black President is president would show up on the FOX network. It’s on ABC. The fact that it was made by the creators of King Of The Hill (Google it, no time to explain), it would be on FOX. Basically this show is about the Goode family and their daily lives which include driving Hybrids, eating organic foods, trying to call black people by their correct race and trying to teach the children the right things to do.

After seeing the first episode of this show, i don’t see this show making it past the second season (I don’t even think it will get past the first season). After watching this show, you have a feeling this show is forcing itself to be appealing. WWAGD -What would Al Gore do. When i heard that, i thought to myself:” Too much”.

There are some funny elements in this show: The son in the Goode Family is was adopted from South Africa but he’s white (They wanted a black son because he’s from AFRICA) I can see a lot of jokes coming out of this situation. The fact that the dad is more opposite than the mom could also produce some hilarious scenes. We’ll see.

Unless this show pulls off something big, nobody is going to pick up on this. It’s funny, but not really hilarious. It’s OK, in a King of The Hill way. Only time will tell

Check out the Full Episode yourself: ABC


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