E3 Coverage: Microsoft E3 Conference


Microsoft E3 Conference was done today and here’s the recap:

They started off with a video of the Beatles Rock Band and had a little demo performed. The first trailer was also shown for the first time. They even had a surprise guest: Yoko Ono!  Paul McCartney even showed up

Tony Hawk came out and spoke about his new game Tony Hawk Ride and showed off a skateboard controller. (interesting). A trailer for Tony Hawk Ride was also unveiled detailing the use of the new controller.

Next on: The trailer for Modern Warfare 2 was shown and gameplay was also shown (the game looks fantastic!) Snowmobile gameplay was in action!

Next Up: Final Fantasy XIII. Gameplay too was shown live. Not much a surprise from previous gameplay videos shown.

Next up: Xbox 360 Exclusives announced. Cliff from Gears of War rocking a Bill Gates mug shot t-shirt. They showed off a Xbox arcade game. Looks like contra. The game is Shadow Complex on XBLA.

Xbox 360 Exclusive: Joy Ride. An XBLA that makes use of the Xbox Avatar. Very arcadish looking. Free to download.

Crackdown 2 announced!!

Left 4 Dead 2 also announced. It seems to be based in New Orleans

Splinter Cell Conviction finally shows up!! Trailer debuted. Gameplay was also shown. Looks like they’ve completely revamped it. Looks better than the original shown. Holy Snap! This Sam Fisher is ruthless! Coming out this Fall.

Forza Motorsport 3 debuted. Gameplay also debuted. Shipping October

Halo ODST on next!! Gameplay debut

A mysterious project is revealed: Halo Reach. Coming in Fall 2010

Alan Wake FINALLY debuts with some gameplay. Check out the video here.

Here’s some other goodies and their coming to Xbox Live:

Radio streaming coming courtesy of last.fm. Available free for Gold Members. Sky TV announced



TV Shows and Movies streaming at 1080p and on the Zune HD


Now for a shocker: Facebook will be on Xbox Live. If that wasn’t enough. Twitter is also on Xbox Live:



That wasn’t the biggest shocker of the afternoon. Are you ready? METAL GEAR IS COMING TO THE XBOX 360. That’s right xbox fans. Metal Gear is finally headed to the xbox 360


Microsoft also decided to give the Wii a bit of competition. That rumors were true about the Xbox had a 3d sensing camera because it was announced today at the conference. They are calling it Project Natal


This “Revolution” has voice and face recognition and it’s compatible with every Xbox 360. This thing makes the Wii look obsolete.

That’s the overall conference. When the video comes up, check back here and i should have it up.


IGN has posted the re-streaming of the entire Microsoft E3 Conference. Enjoy: Microsoft E3 Conference


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