E3 Coverage: Sony E3 Conference


Here’s the summary of the conference:

CEO of Sony giving props to the PS2. PS2 getting new titles.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves announced and demoed. Looks good.


MAG unveiled with gameplay. 256 players online!!! Ridiculous!


PSP up next.

PSP Go officially announced and uveiled. Live demo shown on stage. Joke about the PSP Go being the worst kept secret of E3.


Specs include 16GB of memory, built in wifi and bluetooth. New application called Media Go to access PS Store on your PC. Another application called Sense Me announced for PSP. It analyzes music you listen to and builds a playlist. Like the iTunes Genius.

Shipping on October 1st for $249.


PSP Go will not replace the PSP 3000. It looks like a mylo.

Grand Turismo for PSP announced. Video demo shown

Metal Gear for PSP. Kojima (spelling right?) announcing it. Feels weird after he was on Microsoft Conference. Trailer for PSP shown. Hilarious ending of the trailer. Video soon.


Resident Evil, LBP and Harry Potter coming to PSP

Playstation Home talked about. Video shown about how far it has come

Another video for whats coming on PS3 this fall.

New Rockstar game called Agent announced. PS3 exclusive.

Assassin’s Creed 2 announced. Gameplay shown on stage. Leonardi Di Vinci going to be in this game. Flying gameplay demonstrated. Double Assassin Blade kill!! Nice. Swimming too!! Comng out this holiday. Can’t wait.


Final Fantasy Trailer shown. Available in the spring.

Final Fantasy XIV Online as in 14. PS3 Exclusive. That’s right Final Fantasy 14 Online in Spring 10.

PS3 Motion controller on display on stage. It works with the Eye Toy/Camera. Tech demo shown. Eye Camera seems outdated. right? Lauching in spring 10.

Sackboy/LBP on stage.

ModNation Racing Cart Game. Looks way too similar to Mario Kart. The only difference is a track/character creator.

The Last Guardian game shown on stage. Weird looking game. I’m looking at a gigantic half dog, half bird like creature with a little boy. Reminds me of Never Ending Story

Gran Turismo 5 trailer. No gameplay. sad.

God of War 3 FINALLY takes stage. Gameplay demoed. Video soon. Might get a PS3 this fall. Kratos can fricking fly! This game is Brutal!! Shipping March 2010. damn

Good finish.

That’s it. Closing time

Overall: Good conference. Better than the Nintendo by a mile. Honestly, it fells a bit short behind Microsoft. The motion controller is nothing new and is not really as huge and the PSP Go was leaked and took away the surprise of it all. No gameplay shown of Gran Turismo 5 was a huge letdown. Announcement of Final Fantasy Game was great and was the gameplay shown of Assassin’s Creed. God of War 3 was the best highlight of the show. This game is a must buy. You have to be crazy not to buy this.

Judging the press conferences, you have to see Microsoft was somewhat the winner. They kept more of their products under wraps. The announcement of Halo Reach as well as Project Natal were hugh. Nintendo did not impress at well. The hard core Nintendo fan will be disappointed this year i think. Sony kept up pace with Microsoft with the God of War 3 gameplay and Uncharted 2. Overall, Project Natal from Microsoft came out the big winner and so Microsoft walks away with this year’s conference. Plus, they had more celebrities (Ha Ha).


Video gameplay of God of War III


One thought on “E3 Coverage: Sony E3 Conference

  1. game from 6 years ago is at my house, and that the game from 2 years ago has a waiting peoird.’ all newer games had a longer waiting peoird and this means of renting games sounds like a huge rip-off. i’m switching now to gamefly, but i’m fairly pessimistic at this point, as i hear negative feedback about gamefly as well. so i have to wonder what is the best way to rent video games at this point?! new games are necessary to have available, speed is a priority, willing to pay (give or take) around what blockbuster was charging (about 23$ per month.) provided the service is quality, two games out at a time would be ideal, one would be acceptable if the service was exceptionally speedy. i live about 3 hours from pittsburgh (which happens to be where most rentals are shipped out from. netflix, gamefly, etc.) i hear from there to here would take 3-5 days. also, the more consoles (including older ones) offered, the better, as i still use and have a variety of systems plugged in along-side the new ones.

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