E3 Coverage: Nintendo E3 Conference


Nintedno started its conference by introducing a new Mario game for thw Wii. It looks more the old super mario bros game with co-op for 4 players. It doesn’t really look like something big.

Nintendo talked more about the Balance board and announced Wii Fit Plus. They then started talking about the Wii Motion Plus. It seems like they’re still stuck in E3 08.
They show a demo of a Mii skydiving which looks like a lot of fun. Archery and Basketball games demoed
Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearer game announced for the Wii as well as Kingdom Hearts
Mario & Luigi game announced for DS
A lot of DS games announced and more of stuff for the younger generation.
Interesting announcement of Wii Vitality Sensor. Talk but no demo shown.
(Insert Joke Here)
Finally, New Mario Game announced for the Wii. Yoshi’s back!! It looks like Mario Galaxy and it’s called..Mario Galaxy 2
Third Party games announced:
The Conduit
Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles
Dead Space: Extraction
Metroid Prime was announced
And that was it!
Overall: The Conference was OK but not really impressive. It was like last years E3 but with a little more gameplay and games. With the annoucement of Microsoft’s Project Natal, a lot of Nintendo’s thunder might have been stolen. Nintendo basically just focused more on the DS and Wii Fit & Wii Resort. The hardcore gamers were left out. Very unfortunate. Unless Sony pulls off a better conference, Microsoft is going to walk away from E3 the better looking gaming company

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