What To Expect From WWDC 09

Straight from E3 to the WWDC. Welcome to Apple world. Mac fans rejoice. A lot of information and rumors have been flowing out leading to this event. Have the basics of what is know or will be announced at the event:

The new iPhone:


This is almost inevitable. Word on the street is that Apple will be bumping the size from 8GB and 16GB to 16GB and 32GB respectively. Rumors have also been floating around that there is a $99 iPhone in works. The catch is that this phone might be without Wi-Fi. It makes sense if it has to get that sort of price

Other specs improvement for the new iPhone will/may include a faster processor, faster RAM speed and increase in battery power. The camera might also get an autofocus and also include video recording. Maybe, just maybe, the iPhone may also have a face camera which may be allow to iChat. This, in my opinion, will put the iPhone over the top as the best smartphone in the market. The new iPhone might also feature a matte finish instead of the shiny finish.

Rounding out what to expect at WWDC for iPhone is the OS 3.0 working on the phone.

The Apple Tablet:


Here’s I say about this. I highly doubt this is will happen. I just don’t see it. In my opinion, it’s too risky for Apple especially in the PC tablet market.

The Usually suspects:


Expect announcements about updated Mackbooks and also a showing of Leopard, the new Mac operating system.

One More Things: Steve Jobs might make a surprise appearance and he might even give the whole keynote. You never know. Stay Tuned.



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