Tweetdeck On iPhone: First Impressions

I don’t really do my own first impressions of software/hardware online. I usually wait for the pros like CNET or Gizmodo or Engadget to do that and i check it out. Today, i’ll give it a try and do my first impressions with Tweetdeck on my iPhone.



(If you notice, you might see a lil crack at the top of my iphone. Monday was a rough day 😦

Just downloaded the app from the app store. By the way, the iphone is free, which is totally awesome. Tweetie is $2.99. Good deal right?


This is the welcome page when you first open the app.

DSCN2580When you press the get started button, tweetdeck will ask you if you want to setup a tweetdeck account. When you setup an account, tweetdeck will automatically sync up with the tweetdeck on you PC. If you highlight a favorite tweet, it will automatically appear on your tweetdeck PC when you login in.


After that, you’re taken to the tweetdeck app. It first reminds you of the safari browser on the iPhone when you’re getting ready to select a new page. Depending on how many columns you have, it’s all displayed on the screen and can be seen when you swipe left or right.


If you’re tired of pictures, here’s a little video walkthrough i shot (First time, very excited):

The only thing that seems to be missing for the tweetdeck app is facebook status updates. It would be cool if that could be integrated. Maybe it could put in future updates. For now, it’s all good and don’t have much complaints. Still doing more testing. Nothing so far. I’ll keep y’all updated.

As far as early impressions, i have to say that Tweetdeck for the iPhone is a strong contender against the popular Tweetie. The fact that this app is free with Tweetie costing $2.99 makes Tweetdeck more attractive. If you don’t want to spend any cash on a twitter client for your iPhone, my best bet is to go with Tweetdeck.


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