Zune HD Packing High Power 3D Graphics, Gives iPod Touch Run For It’s Money


If you don’t know by now, Microsoft has a new mp3 player coming out in the fall and it’s name is Zune HD. It’s shipping september 5th. Here’s a couple of specs on the hardware:

– 3.3 inch OLED display touch screen (480 x 272 16:9 resolution)
– Multi-Touch
– Built in Accelerometer (pretty much standard)
HDMI Connection, for streaming to HDTVs
HD Radio Tuner
– Internet Browser (Internet Explorer)

The Zune HD is also reportedly packing a NVIDIA’s power processor, Tegra, which a processor optimized for mobile devices. The Tegra processor has the power to process power 3D graphics and is being hyped as one of the best mobile processors to come out. Not only that, it’s said that the Tegra processor is going to be the first processor chip to support Adobe Flash.

What does this all mean? It basically means that Zune HD is for real! With the ability to produce graphics for games that could match if not surpass the iPod Touch as well as support Adobe Flash which is a Top 5 most wanted feature on the iPhone, Zune HD could actually a serious competitor to the iPod Touch. The only thing now that could spoil the fun would be the pricing of the device. Microsoft has stated that the pricing would be very aggressive to compete with the iPod. $250, $300, or $350? Looks like a couple of solid prices for the Zune. Let’s wait and see. (Can you imagine if Microsoft made a phone to look like the Zune HD?!! I’d buy it. Watch out Apple)

Check out a demo of the Tegra processor:


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