Things Are About To Get Sirius: Sirius XM App On The iPhone


(Again with my cracked iPhone screen)

These days you wonder who listens to radio anymore. The only time you might be tempted to use a radio is when you’re driving. Nowadays everybody is more likely hooked to their iPods and mp3 players. Even now, most cars are coming equipped with mp3 player compatiblility.

Now comes in Sirius XM radio for the iPhone. Many would think that this might be a waste since radio seems to be dying slowly. But Sirius XM is a satellite radio which comes with more popular channels like ESPN and shade 45 compared to the regular radio. Is this app going to a hotshot or will it just be ignored and left in the ditch?


Here’s the catch with with Sirius XM radio. It’s not free. Normally, you would pay for the satellite services and on the iPhone you get kind of a deal. If you’re already a Sirius subscriber, you pay $2.99 but if you’re not, you pay $20 a month. When you first use the app, you can give a trial run for 7 days, just go here.

Here’s a little video walkthrough:

It’s actually a nice app for Sirius subscribers but i honestly don’t see the point in using this app past the 7 day trial. With an abundance of music on the internet and itunes, paying for radio or even satellite radio is not really the way to go. If you’re a fan of Sirius and want a mobile app, go ahead and get this. The downside is that Howard Stern will not be on. Yet. I think. We’ll see


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