There’s Something In The Clouds: Microsoft Morro (Anti-Virus)

Recently Microsoft announced that they were going to provide a new anti-virus software after scrapping Windows Live OneCare. It caught my attention when i found out that they were giving this anti-virus software away from free.

The new anti-virus is codenamed Morro and it’s due out by the end of the year, most likely after Windows 7 is out. This is a different type of anti-virus from what i’m hearing. I hear it’s going to be more like a web anti-virus. Why a web anti-virus? Because it’s seemingly based around cloud technology.

Update: Morro has officially been named Microsoft Security Essentials (personally i like Morro)

I’m interested to see how it works especially since it’s cloud based. Here’s some preview screens below. Morro/Microsoft Security Essentials is said to be available at the end of the year with a trial version in September.






Update: Microsoft Security Essentials will be availabe on June 23 on the Microsoft website. It’s going to be limited public beta, so you better get it fast when it’s available.

Update 2: Microsoft Security Essentials is now up for download. It’s limited so grab your copy now.


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