Microsoft Security Essentials: First Impressions

I finally got my hands on a beta version of Microsoft’s new anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s a limited version beta so you better grab it fast before it’s all gone (75,000 available)


This is the first window you are greeted with when you first start to install. (see the weather in the top right corner. 95!!! It feels like hell) Anyway, let’s move on.


You have to have a genuine copy of Windows to run this installations. (Sorry Pirates)


When it’s all said and done, Morro is up and running and you’re ready to scan.


It’s not bad on memory when running idle. Good to know. Not a lot of memory is used when scanning either.


There’s 3 basic scan options you can use. Quick Scan, Full Scan & Custom Scan. Microsoft doesn’t kid when they say quick. It took like a minute and a half to scan my whole computer. Good speed.

So far so good with Microsoft Security Essentials. Still have to test more.

There’s nothing real special about this program. The real deal here is that it’s free when it ships in the fall and could potential be good competition for other anti-virus programs.

Verdict: After using the program, I’ve concluded that the program is average at best. It’s not really special nor does it offer anything other than what the other anti-virus programs offer. Since it’s in beta, we have to wait a while and see if it can be a real competitor with giants like Norton and AVG


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