Say What??: Windows 7 Pricing Announced


Here’s the details guys:

If you’re a Vista/XP user, you’re gonna pay $119, $199 and $219 on October 22 for your Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, & Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrades.

For the full price for the Retail CD, it’s gonna run you about $199, $299, and $319 respectively.

Here’s more detals: Starting tomorrow (June 26), you’ll be able to pre-order upgrades for $49 for Home Premium and $99 for Professional. But hurry, word is that it’s limited and they will probably go fast.

What do you think? Expensive or fair? Do you think Apple has a better deal when upgrading (cost of upgrade for Leopard: $49)

Windows 7 Pricing [Engadget], [Gizmodo], [Windows Blog]

Update: Starting tomorrow (June 26), you can pre-order your Windows 7 upgrades from the Microsoft store, right here: Microsoft Store



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