The Money Or The Mob?: 1 Vs 100 On Xbox Live To Give Out Prizes Starting Friday


If you didn’t know, 1 vs 100 on xbox Live started last month and I have to say I’m a big fan. It’s very addictive and pretty much fun. So far it’s been in beta and therefore no prizes were given during shows but starting this friday, Microsoft will start giving out prizes for “The Mob” and “The One” in the form of free Microsoft Points (up to 10,000/$125). There will also be a sweepstakes for and HDTV and a Zune Player (Zune HD?) where every correct answer will count as an entry in the sweepstakes. These correct answers count during Live Shows and Extended Plays.

The only catch for playing 1 vs 100 is that you have to be a Gold Member to participate. If you’re like me, you’ll head over to the Xbox Live website and select the month to month membership which costs like $7.99 plus tax. It’s a more effective way with paying the whole amount and you can cancel when your time is up.

The only thing that I can ask from Microsoft is a Jeopardy type gameshow. (Please!!!!!!!!!!)

[Gamescoreblog] [Joystiq] [Xbox Live]


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