A New Web Browser Emerges: Microsoft Gazelle?


Most people think Internet Explorer sucks. Some would disagree. Some people think Firefox is number one while people are more complacent with Chrome and Safari (any Opera users out there?)

There comes along Gazelle. A new browser! Guess who it’s coming from…Microsoft. Confused?

Many people think that Internet Explorer is lagging behind it’s competitors especially Firefox even though it owns a large percent of the browser market.

So what is Gazelle? I really have no clue. All I know is that it’s a browser. It’s not the next version of IE. It’s a new project from Microsoft Research. No plans yet when it will unveiled but there is going to be a conference held next month to talk about the project.

Right now, it’s in prototype form and is said to rely more heavily on security when browsing. Interesting concept if you ask me.

Next year might be the time we get to see Gazelle in action. Can Microsoft deliver a hit with Gazelle and potentially “evolve” the web browsing experience or is it just another version of IE that pledges more security. We’ll wait and see.



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