Let’s Rumble!!: Google Jumps Into The OS Market

googlegoogle-chrome os

There’s a new kid on the block. His name: Google. Yes folks, Google just decided to throw it’s hat into the OS ring. Introducing the Google Chrome OS. The first thing you’re going to catch is the word Chrome. As in the name of the browser Google debuted not so long ago.

So is it a browser or a real OS? The word from Google is that it is a legit OS and it will run on open source license. For now, Google is setting it’s sights on netbooks for the second half of next year for official release. Looks like it’s trying to give Windows 7 a run for it’s money.

I for one don’t think you should doubt the strength of Google. But when they announced their browser Chrome, i wasn’t as impressive till I started using it. With this announcement, it looks like Google could finally be a major competitor in the OS market. With the popularity of open source with software like Android growing steadily, people might pick this new OS when it comes out if it promises to deliver a fast and virus free package.

In my opinion, this is great competition, now that a popular third OS is jumping into the market, expect rivals like Microsoft and Apple to step up efforts and provide more innovation. Google is also targeting desktop PCs as well so we should be in for a nice battle. In the end, the consumer always wins.

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