One Store To Rule Them All: Microsoft Patents OneApp Store (for Zune HD?)


It’s been pretty quiet on the Zune HD front. But recent news just surfaced of Microsoft filing a patent of something called OneApp. Here’s the description of the patent:

computer software for allowing mobile device users to send messages, make payments and access and play music, games and videos on mobile devices; computer software platforms for developing mobile applications; computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of mobile applications; computer software for running retail store site for purchase and download of mobile applications over wireless networks

This does not necessarily mean that it’s a store for the Zune HD. It could be for Windows Mobile and software on other media devices. It could also mean a new app store for Windows mobile 7. But considering that the Windows mobile 7 team has been working with the Zune team, it seems likely that an app store may be in the works.

There’s also a rumor floating around from an asian source that the Zune HD will be released in September with a starting price at $249. Stay tuned for more info when it becomes available.



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