My Store is Better Than Yours: Microsoft To Open Retail Store This Fall



Looks like it’s almost here. Microsoft made the announcement that they will be opening a retail store in the Fall. The first thing I thought of was why a software company would open a retail store. The interesting part of this is that they’ll be opening these stores NEXT TO APPLE STORES!

Microsoft has got some balls to do that. Don’t think that Microsoft’s store will look anything like Apple. Think of it more like a Best Buy of sorts. Microsoft even hired a Walmart Exec and former Dreamwords animation exec (?) to help with the store.

Nobody knows what the store is going to look like and Microsoft is not giving away any details at this time. Expect some of MSFT partners like Dell and other PC makers to be involved. There might be some mobile makers involved too.

That’s not a bad idea from Microsoft. It’s looks like they are really trying to compete with Apple. With the release of the Zune HD and Windows 7 imminent, expect Microsoft to come out swinging. Apple better watch out, Microsoft is coming for your share (market share that is).

Check out a cool video of the retail experience here:

Microsoft Retail Experience



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