Is A Xbox HandHeld Coming? Maybe. Eventually. Hold Your Horses


With Xbox Live, Microsoft can boast that they have one of the best online gaming services. With the upcoming xbox live updates which include games on demand as well as Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft will indeed say their services is far beyond it’s competitors. [Xbox Live Update]

Here’s the question: Will Microsoft ever release a portable device to compete in the portable gaming market?

If you look closerly, there’s a lot of potential. If Microsoft can pull off a device with a very well integrated Xbox Live service, they could grab some serious market share.

Even though the iPhone is primarily a phone, many developers have actually put out some good games on the device that are actually playable. If the Zune HD comes and shows some promise with gaming especially since it’s packing a Tegra chip, that might pave the way for a potential gaming device from Microsoft.

Right now, Microsoft has its hands tied with Windows 7, Bing and other projects that might keep a gaming device on the shelf for a couple of more months.

Never say never. Live Anywhere might seem dead but its all about timing and when to bring it out to showcase.

If Microsoft gets this right, they could easily compute with Sony and Nintendo albeit could take some time before it grabs some market share. But be on the lookout. Maybe even at E3 10, we could be seeing a potential Xbox portable.

[Engadget] [ZDNET]


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