We Don’t Need Another Hero: HTC Hero Review – Ambition Comes With Flaws


I’ve been looking at several HTC Hero reviews posted around the internet. In summary, most of the reviews praise the HTC Hero for having an ambitious effort with the Android software along with the hardware but the serious letdown for this phone seems to be the performance when operating the phone. Another letdown also seems to be the poor ability of the phone to play flash videos in most websites. Most of the videos appear choppy and not as smooth as advertised.

The software is on par and is very handy. Check out the reviews and judge for yourself whether this phone is for you. The way i see it, I say wait until the phone comes out officially and test trial at a cellphone store and it still feels under par, wait until there’s some sort of software update that fixes the performance issues. I still have hope for this phone. A better alternative if you don’t want the Hero, I’ll suggest the HTC Magic.

Look for it in the Fall. Don’t know the carrier but many suggest it’s coming to AT&T and maybe Sprint.

[Engadget Review] [Gizmodo Review]

Here’s Tina Turner singing “We Don’t Need Another Hero” for your viewing pleasure:


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