Death Of An Icon: iPod Classic Will Eventually Die


If you haven’t heard about the new iPods coming in September with new cameras, you’ve been living under a rock or you just don’t care.

Apple recently posted their quartley earnings and they made some big moula (as in money). Most of their profits coming from iPhone 3GS. What you may not have noticed was that, sales from iPods (not the Touch) were actually down.

This may not sound like a big deal but they way Apple has focused more attention on their iPhones, Macbooks and iPod Touches, the original iPod is looking like the lonely member of the family. iPod Touches and Nanos are getting upgrades but poor old iPod 120 isn’t. That’s like being the member of the family who doesn’t get any presents at Christmas.

Is this the end of the iPod Classic? With Apple seemingly shifting support for the Touch and iPhone, it may very well could be. The market seems to have spoken and they’re screaming that they love the Touch.

Just compare the iPod Touch to the iPod Classic:

  • Wifi, Touch-yes, Classic-No
  • Browser: Touch-yes, Classic-No
  • Touchscreen: Touch-Yes, Classic-No
  • Cool Games:Touch-Yes, Classic-No

Apps,.. I think you get my point. Classic sucks, Touch kicks ass.

Most PMPs nowadays are switching to Flash and ignoring that old harddrive concept. Even Microsoft decided to come out with their own Touchscreen competitor, the Zune HD. Without being biased or anything, when you really think about it, the Zune 120 is somewhat better than the iPod Classic. (Admit it, be honest)

Apple controls about 78% of the mp3 market. Complete domination!! With their new line of cameras for their Touches coming out, they may dominate even further. I don’t think they will want anything to slow them down. In that case, iPod Classics may as well say bye bye.

I don’t expect the Classic to be phased out immediately but the spotlight on this iPod is dimming fast. There’s still value in it but that value is switching quickly to the other devices.

In the end, I expect harddrive based mp3 players to old news, probably by next year. Flash based, Touchscreen players seem to be the new trend. Microsoft, Creative Labs and maybe even Dell (see Dell MP3 Player) agree. It’s been a good run but you’re running out of steam. Sorry iPod Classic, but you’re dead to me.


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