Wanna Play Monopoly?: Microsoft Offers New Option For Browsers To Satisfy EU


Company monopolies aren’t fun. With no competitors in sight, some may charge high prices for their products and essentially control whatever market they are invested in. But in this case, I honestly disagree with what I’m hearing.

Remember when the European Commission (EC) sued Microsoft for monopoly practices because they thought they were controlling the Web Browser market by having only IE on their OS? Let me keep you up to date.

Microsoft basically came up with the idea that they only way to satisfy the EC was to offer a browserless version of Windows 7 in October. That way, users can download whatever browser they wish. Sounds like a good idea right? The EC then told MS that it didn’t seem right that no browser was on the OS and wanted a better alternative. Well, just today, Microsoft came up with this new plan:

Microsoft is suggesting that consumers pick a browser from several offered on a ballot screen in its new software release, Windows 7, which will go on sale Oct. 22. Windows would still include Internet Explorer, but users would be able to disable it. Computer manufacturers could install other browsers, set them as default and disable Internet Explorer.

First of all, that’s the most f****d thing I have ever heard in my life. Do people in the EU use their computers brainless??? That just sounds retarded. Nowadays people have choices. They can decide to go to Mozilla.com and download Firefox or go to Apple.com and download Safari. They can download Chrome and Opera. I think that the EC’s decision on Microsoft was a bit overblown. I’d understand it better if Microsoft was disabling users from downloading other browsers but that’s not the case.

Sometimes I think that even though Governments want to protect the interests of it’s people, they sometimes go to far. This isn’t George Orwell’s 1984. There are choices. This too me is not a monopoly. Some might see Apple’s 78% market share in the mp3 market is a monopoly or Google’s market share in the search business is a monopoly.

Say what you will, there’s a lot of variety out there. Just take your mouse cursor and click what you want.

[AP News]


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