Madden 10 Demo Impressions

Madden 10

I’ve been meaning to write a mini review for this demo but kept getting put off. Anyway, here’s what i think about the demo.


Once you start playing the demo, you can tell the Madden 10 team put a lot more effort into the presentation aspect of the game. The intro to the game highlights specific players and in this game demo, it highlighted players like Marion Barber and Brandon Jacobs.

Once you get into game, you notice how considerable the game speed has changed. The Madden team say that they changed the setting to make the game more realistic. In the full version, you will have the option to change game speed but personally I like the new speed.

This year’s Madden has changed dramatically. It no longer feels like a really fast paced arcade game like last year but rather a more realistic simulation of football. The game speed helps with that aspect. The quarterback movement and throwing animation feels more solid and I didn’t notice crazy catching animations like I saw in last year’s edition.

I didn’ get to hear the commentary because it was only a demo but from what I’ve seen in various videos, it doesn’t feel like a lot has changed.

Granted it’s only a demo, I can see the full version to be a real blockbuster. If you’re a Madden fan, it’s definitely a pick up from the game store. No rent, a must buy. I think you would like to enjoy the full season of Madden 10.


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