Xbox 360 Update Preview: Hands On Impressions


Today, I got the update from Microsoft for the Xbox 360 Update Preview. So far so good. In this preview, you will get a look at Games On Demand, Netflix smooth streaming and movie parties and Avatar marketplace. So far, the Games on Demand menu only has original Xbox games. No word on whether what games to expect but count on Xbox plantinum hits to be included.

If you really, really, really want to buy clothes for you Avatar, you can check out the Avatar Marketplace where you buy clothes related to Halo and other games like Fable.

Haven’t tried out the Netflix streaming because I don’t have a Netflix account but I’ll give it a try later on in the week.

There have also been minor changes in the menus and a rating system has been added to games you purchase in the Marketplace.

The next wave of updates which include Facebook and Twitter is expected to roll out in the fall (sometime in September/early October).

The Xbox Live experience is continuing to grow and by adding more services like Facebook and Twitter, it’s normal to say that Xbox Live is what the best experiences on a game console. Maybe until Onlive Games On Demand arrives. We’ll see.


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