Apple Censors Dicitionary, You Can’t Make That Title Up


Yes, you heard. Apple has slapped a +17 rating on a dictionary. It wasn’t any kind of porn directory. It wasn’t a dictionary containing all the world’s curse words. It was a fricking dictionary.

This is the reason that the app was rejected according to one of the developers:

“We were rejected for objectionable content. They provided screenshots of the words ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ showing up in our dictionary’s search results. What’s interesting is that we spent a good deal of time making it so that you must type vulgar words in their entirety, and only then will we show you suggestions in the search results. For instance, if you type ‘fuc’, you will not see ‘fuck’ as a suggestion. This is in contrast to all other dictionaries we’re aware of on the App Store (including’s application), which will show you ‘fuck’ in the search results for ‘fuc’, ‘motherfucker’ for ‘mother’, etc.”

No amount of logic can explain this. Apple, you’re starting to look like a big ass douche. Look that up in YOUR version of the dictionary.


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