Take A Bite Out This Apple: iTunes 9 Could Welcome “Socialising”


September is approaching and it’s about the time that Apple annually delivers an update to their iPod lines. Rumors are swirling that the iPod nano will have a camera and the iPod Touch will get a camera along with an integrated mic.

Apple is reportedly working on the next version of iTunes. Here’s what rumored to be coming in iTune 9:

  • Blu-Ray Support
  • Social Networking integration – Word is that Apple will integrate Facebook and Twitter as well as last.fm into their next version of iTunes. How this will work is anybody’s idea.
  • Cocktail – I heard that iTunes is working on giving a new look to a music album. Supposedly, it’s going to be an interactive sort of affair. Probably interactive cover arts, booklets, lyrics and more.

Looks like everybody is jumping into this whole social networking thing and Apple wants iTunes to be involved.

I’m not particularly fond of iTunes. For one, the updates are fricking huge and second, the interface is kinda boring. Someone once said it looks like an excel spreadsheet and to be honest, it does. I would love if iTunes had a more interactive interface and didn’t make such huge updates. The Zune software is a cool design and looks way more interactive. If it wasn’t for my iPhone, i wouldn’t really use iTunes.

C’mon Apple, give us a new, nice looking iTunes (without those huge updates)


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