It’s Going Down: Apple Rock N Roll Event = iPods + Beatles On iTunes

Apple Event

Apple’s Rock N Roll is tomorrow and everybody is gearing to see new products

So far this is what is expected at the event:

  • New iPod Touchs with cameras and an integrated mics
  • New iPod Nanos with cameras
  • iTunes 9 with the showing of new interactive way of viewing albums, called Cocktail

Here’s what rumored to be at the event:

  • Steve Jobs
  • The announcement of the discontinuation of the iPod Classic/iPod Classics with cameras
  • 64 GB iPod Touchs
  • Glimpse of Apple Tablet

Last of all, it is heavily rumored and could possibly be true, that the Beatles will finally be featured in the iTunes Store. The Beatles Rock Band is also dropping tomorrow (09-09-09) so it wouldn’t surprise to see this happen. One can dream.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow….


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