Apple Rock And Roll Event: iPod Nanos Get Video Cameras, iPod Touch Left In The Corner

Apple Event

I think it’s safe to say Apple’s ‘Event” was let down for most of us. New features and iPods were announcement but most of us were unhappy with what was not announcement. Here’s a run of the event:

Steve Jobs is back! He took center stage with announce most of the new iPods and iTunes features

iTunes 9 is here! And it comes with a bunch of new features:

itunes 9


  • App Management – allows for app rearrangement of your iPhones and iPods when connected to your computer.
  • Home Sharing – allows users to share and copy songs when connected in the same network

Download link here.

Everything you need to know about iTunes 9: Gizmodo

iPod Nanos With Video Cameras:

The new iPod Nanos now come with not still but video cameras. Apple said it wants to compete the Flip Cam. This should be interesting to see. The new Nanos also come with FM tuners (Finally!!) and pedometers (think Nike +ID  training).

iPod Touchs Get NO Cameras but see price drops:

The biggest disappointment of the day was Apple NOT announcing iPods with cameras. Instead they get price drops with 32GB now $299 and 8GB now $199. There are also 64GB versions coming starting at $399.

iPod Classic is not dead (yet):

iPod Classics get harddrive upgrades up to 160 GB for the same price as original ($249). iPod Shuffle also get price drops and new colors.

That was the gist of what went down at the event today.

A lot of people were expecting iPod Touchs with cameras but came away disappointed. iTunes 9 is a worthy upgrade for some but the Cocktail feature – which gives full album purchases extra content like video, lyrics as well as photos –  was a little underwhelming.

Surprisingly Apple didn’t kill the Classic but it’s inevitable. The shuffle too has to go. Until Apple has milked the iPod Classic dry, expect to see it on the shelves.

The iPod Touchs don’t really give Apple firepower especially with the Zune HD coming next week. Can Apple take the punch? Probably, but it may come away with a little chink in the mp3 amour.


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