NBA Live 10 Demo: Hands On Impressions


EA Sports let loose the NBA Live 10 Demo on Xbox Marketplace and i decided to check out what they have cooked up. NBA Live has been falling behind 2KSports with NBA 2K almost every year and this year, they want that to change. Here’s my verdict on the demo:


NBA Live

Since this was a demo, I don’t think I got to see the full presentation of the game but the demo does show some promise. The introduction of the players is nice. It is reminiscent of the T-mobile announcements that we see on TV with the players all lined up. EA has also incorporated some of the players ritual moves. For instance, they show what Dwight Howard does before a game which is to do a little shake move, turn around and shoot. Not a bad idea of the developers trying to give a game a little life.

NBA Live 10

The player models don’t look too bad. I appreciate the developers when they try to make the players look like their real life counterparts. It doesn’t always work but it helps in a way. Some players come off looking good but others not so much.


People will have to get used to the new style of playing Live 10. One thing I’ll say is that the game plays very smooth. Dribbling moves are also well done in this game. I haven’t felt more comfortable with a basketball game until Live 10. Playing calling is done with the hit of a button. Alley-oops are easy to do and shooting is also good. For once I can say that NBA Live 10 is definitely going a great basketball game this fall.


Live 10

Overall, this demo shows a lot of promise for NBA LIve 10. Before you jump into a game, you’re taken to the  basketball training facility called the “Hangar” and work on your moves. The presentation looks good but I’ll hold my final judgement until I see the final product.

EA looks like they’ve stepped up their game but they better look out for NBA 2k10 because I just played a little of the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine and if it becomes what I saw in the demo, EA is going to be on the losing end of the stick when NBA 2K10 comes out


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