Open Letter: Why You Need To Kill Yourself If You Watched The VMAs


My Dear music fan, did you happen to watch VMAs yesterday? If you did, I suggest you go buy a gun and blow your brains out because it’s apparent you don’t need it. Or you actually need to talk to Father Time or pray to God to reverse time so you can have the time you wasted back to you.

On a serious note, unless you’re a teenager or below the age of 18, you have no business watching the VMAs. I repeat, NO BUSINESS. When’s the last time you actually saw a video played on MTV?? Don’t worry, I’ll wait……… To actually watch a music video these days, you need to go to Youtube or look for MTV2 on your cable (which is WAY down on the list on my cable channels).

Music Video Awards are a joke. In fact, MTV IS a joke. If you actually think Miley Cyrus is an actual good singer, you need to puncture your ear drums. If you’ve ever bought a Jonas Brothers CD, I suggest you go back to the music store and ask for your money back.

Am I being too harsh? Maybe. But honestly the music industry is being dominated by teens who can barely make good music. I used to love watching MTV and the music videos because they were creative and were actually GOOD music. Nowadays, they show the worst crap I’ve ever seen (VH1 comes in a close second). Where’s the fricking music???

Let’s talk about what actually happened at the VMAs. First of all, Lady Gaga needs to be locked up in an insane asylum. I understand the need to express yourself, but for goodness sake, expression doesn’t necessarily mean look like an idiot. Make good music, but look OK too.

Next up, Kanye West and Taylor Swift. I like Kanye West. I like Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift winning an award, sort of OK. Kanye West jumping on stage and snatching the mic = not OK.

My take on what happened: Kanye West was a jerk for what he did. We all agree. He later apologized. People need to let this go. He didn’t punch Taylor in the face. He didn’t cuss her out. He just voiced his opinion at the wrong time and place. If you’re still twittering that Kanye is an asshole, you need to move on. Because in the end, that asshole still makes better music that you could never make and still have more money that you wish you had.

All in end, do you really think Taylor Swift’s video was better than Beyonce (be honest, do you?)

America, look at this and really think about it: are the VMAs relevant? do any of these awards make sense anymore? When Miley Cyrus won an award over Bruce Springsteen at one of these award ceremonies, did you think that was right? Give me a break

I guess the world is in the hands of the next generation. If that’s the case, we’re so screwed.


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