When Commercials Make You Go WTF, Part 2: Windows 7 Launch Party

windows 7

I know most people are excited about Windows 7 and would probably kill Vista in a heartbeat. Windows 7 is shipping October 22 and Microsoft is preparing to showcase it to the world. They started with a very, very, very cute ad featuring a lil girl:


In the last few days, Microsoft has been suggesting that people have a party to celebrate the release of Windows 7. This sounds ok in some circles but Microsoft haven’t taken it too far but actually MAKING a video on how to throw one of these parties. This is either the biggest geek party ever or the worst thing I’ve seen for a launch product EVER.

SOMEBODY PLEASE STAB MY EYES OUT!!! That video was horrible. Stick with the cute ad and cut out the party.

Don’t get me started on those Microsoft “Pink” phones. (smh)


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