Kings Of The Court: NBA 2K10 VS NBA Live 10 Impressions






I had a chance to play both NBA Live 10 and NBA 2K10 demos and if the demos are previews of the full retail games, it’s going to be hard to choose between the two.

I played both demos from the perspective of a newbie ( and honestly I am) and came up with these results from both games:

NBA Live 10

I’ve played some of the old NBA live games and honestly i wasn’t really that impressed. I somewhat couldn’t get into the games especially when compared with the NBA 2K game which was a more pick up and play kind of game.

This year, EA has really stepped up. The first time I played the demo, I was really impressed. When it comes to dribbling, the game feels great. They really made it possible to move the ball and dribble with just the left stick.

Shooting is basic as well as the other controls. I felt like the offensive side of the game was something that stood out to me.

NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10 is coming hard this year. They came with the Draft Combine which is a really nice first impression of the game later to come. Honestly, the Draft Combine had to be the most realistic basketball sim I’ve played in a while.

As far as the actual NBA 2K10 demo goes, it feels OK. I have to say they really did a good job with player’s faces. NBA Live 10 has good player faces as well but when you compare the NBA 2K10 version of Pau Gasol to the NBA Live 10 version, NBA 2k looks far better in my opinion.

NBA Live 10 Vs NBA 2k10

It’s really had to choose between the two versions because they both really stand out. After playing for a while, I thought NBA Live 10 stood a little more. Granted, they’re only demos but if what i saw is any indication of what will appear in the final versions, I think NBA Live 10 has a slight edge of 2k10.

I felt the presentation was a little better in Live 10. I like the T-Mobile introductions and even some pre-game routines like Dwight Howard’s shake and pump shot.

2k10 has an edge in player’s faces but it’s not as so dramatically different in Live 10.

I’ve seen and heard commentary in NBA 2k10 and it sounds terrific! The jury is still out on Live 10 but I heard that it’s going to be a dynamic type of commentary so we’ll wait and see.


Like i said before, these are demos and therefore some polishes may be missing from both games. The passing in 2K10 looked really sloppy but maybe it’s a bug that may be fixed.

Overall, I liked Live 10 because it felt more like basketball sim and it felt like I had more control of the ball when on offense and dribbling.

The way I see it, I say it’s going to be a close call when trying to pick which one of these basketball games to come out on top. They both stand out with some features which make them really look good.

Watch out for reviews next week.


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