Looking Flashy: Full Flash Coming To Smartphones, Apple Still Playing Hard To Get


Looks like we’re finally getting Flash on on smartphones. But we’ll have to wait till mid 2010.

If you ever wanted to watch your favorite TV shows on Hulu from your cellphone, your dreams might be coming true. Adobe has working on this for some time now and they’re ready to roll their software out on smartphones such as Windows Mobile, RIM and Android phones. Apple is still missing in action. Adobe has said nothing has changed since the last time they spoke to Apple and it’s still a work in progress. Apple might be thinking that the added software of Flash might kill it’s already poor performing battery. Maybe the next version of the iPhone will have a better battery and maybe Flash (one can hope)

Betas of the Flash software are already rolling out to Windows Mobile and Web OS. Check out the links below for more info.

[Engadget] [Gizmodo]


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