Sleeping With The Enemy: Zune Services To Appear On Macs, Mobile Phones


Looks like Microsoft wants to play nice. After numerous requests by many people to export the Zune Software to Macs, there might finally be a breakthrough. After Jose Pinero, Director of Communications for Microsoft’s TV, Video and Music Business was asked about the issue, he said that Microsoft was considering the options.

That is not a definite yes but it does show that Microsoft is open to the idea of having the Zune Software on Apple computers.

If Microsoft does open up to the idea, it may have an upper hand. Zune Pass, which is Microsoft’s music subscription service actually works. I took the free trial and I came away very impressed. I’ve always had my doubts  about whether music subscription could actually work and Zune Pass really showed me that it could work. Unless iTunes gets a music subscription which some people have been calling for, I think that Microsoft could have an advantage.

Microsoft might also be bring the Zune Service to it’s Windows Mobile phones. We’ll wait and see that it will look like.


6 thoughts on “Sleeping With The Enemy: Zune Services To Appear On Macs, Mobile Phones

  1. 1. If it’s wrapped in DRM it’s no lnegor your file. Microsoft graciously allows you to use it For now. I object DRM on a philosophical and moral level. Any company that employs DRM technology essentially tells you that it considers you a thief that needs to be punished. I do not want to give them my money.Yes, Apple does use DRM, and this is why I will never use iTunes. But at least I can take the songs that I own or ripped of the ipod and put it on another machine. Zune won’t let you do that.2. Wifi thing is a tease feature. They hype it as if it was the best thing since the sliced bread. But it does nothing useful. There is really no real benefit of having it’s a novelty feature at most.3. Wrong blog for this. I probably spend more time in Linux than I spend in windows. It happens to be my primary work tool, and also my passion. I have a single WinXP machine that I use for gaming. All the other computers I own or maintain run Linux. It’s certainly not a joke to me. It might be a joke to you, but why would I buy an accessory that won’t work with most of the machines I use?4. I know. Failed attempt at a humorous comment I guess.5. It also made Windows. So what? I already pay the Windows tax in order to get access to good PC games. This doesn’t change the fact that they are a convicted monopolist. I don’t want to give them my money if I don’t have to. This is why I don’t own an Xbox. I’d rather choose the lesser evil and give my money to Apple, or some other mp3 player maker rather than line the pockets of Microsoft so that they can bribe more foreign comities in an attempt to certify their broken, un-usable OOXML standard. Also, Xbox 360 is doing so well mainly because Wii is aimed at casual gaming and doesn’t have the next-gen hardware, and Sony totally dropped the ball on PS3. So by a fluke it is the only console platform on the market that has the user base and features that mainstream game development studios are looking for. a0|a0

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