ESPN + NCAA + Dick Vitale = NCAA Basketball 10

NCAA_Basketball_10_CoverLooks like EA is going all out with presentation in the next edition of NCAA Basketball. Dick Vitale is going to be featured as a voice commentator. There’s also going to some nice animations which mimic NCAA basketball like you see on TV. One question: why the hell can’t EA use all this presentation stuff in other games like Madden and NBA Live? What are you waiting for?

Check out the video:


2 thoughts on “ESPN + NCAA + Dick Vitale = NCAA Basketball 10

  1. My god. I seriously think ea hates football. There is no excuse for them to represent the NFL in the way that they are. My whole family play the sport, Hell, I have a younger cousin playin with the Jets. Dude runs like a 4.17, 40yd. and they did him no justice on the game, but thats another issue. If EA really want to make a real football sim then they need to mimic every thing you see on tv. Hell, add some comercials after or during each quarter. What I cant seem to understand is the picture is already drawn why wont thy just copy the damn thing.This is what 2K5 was tryin to do, which is why that game succeed the way it did. Damn worlds bout to end and these fools cant make a half decent football game. But hey, we can make bombs that can find a pimple on your arse. GOD help us

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