Dear T-Mobile Sidekick Users, You’re Data Is Lost Forever And It’s Not Coming Back


I feel bad for T-Mobile sidekick users. After I heard that their service went out, I didn’t think it was a big deal and they would eventually get their service back. But the news now from T-Mobile is that T-Mobile Sidekick users will probably not get their data back. That includes notes, calendar dates, and contacts.

Apparently, the data is stored in the cloud and not on the sidekick phones and there was a server failure which resulted in the outage.

Well that sucks.

T-Mobile is going to take a lot of heat for this and they might even lose customers. Users who lost data will be given a whole month of free data.

I’d like to know who still uses Sidekicks these days. Smartphones are the norm today. Either way, that still sucks



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