Paper is Dead!: Barnes and Noble Debuts E-Reader, Dubbed The Nook

Barnes and Noble Nook

Everybody is getting into this! After Amazon come out with it’s Kindle, it looks like Barnes and Noble want in on the action. Today, they officially announced “Nook”, their own e-book reader which features a large E-Ink screen with a small color touchscreen at the bottom for navigation.

It uses AT&T’s 3G network as well as WiFi which enables the device to wirelessly send a book to a friend who also has a Nook. But the most interesting part of the device is that runs on Android.

It has 2GB of memory and it comes with a MicroSD slot.

Nook owners can connect to B&N WiFi and browse complete ebooks in-store for free — just like a real book.

The device is priced at $259 and is in direct competition with the Kindle which also costs the same. It ships at the end of November.

I’m not a big fan of e-readers but I have to say that it just got a little bit more interesting. I might check it when it comes out.

[Engadget] [CNET]


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