BCS Buster: The Screwed Up System Of College Football And Why It Needs To Change


This is more generally a tech/gadget blog, but I’m also a sports guy and I like to watch as much football, basketball, college football etc… as I can.

Now on to the main points:

First of all: Florida is overrated this year. Colt McCoy doesn’t deserve to be in the Heisman, Sam Bradford isn’t as good as people think he is and Tim Tebow is a great College Football player but will not be a good NFL player.

That all leads to this: The BCS is screwed up and it needs to be fixed.

All realms of sports whether it be Basketball, NFL or Soccer all crown champions at the end of their seasons and they all have systems in place to help with that decision. NFL has its playoff system, as does the NBA and MLS and even NCAA Basketball has a playoff.

But not College Football.

A College Football is determined by a series of polls and computer rankings system in which the top 2 teams play each other for the BCS national championship.

The problem with this system is that it’s rankings system which is based on a series of polls, which means, the system is based on a series of “opinions”.

How can a National College Football Champion be crowned when it is based on opinions???

There isn’t even a point system in place for the rankings.

Some say it’s an OK system because it uses the school winning record to place it in the rankings. Somebody needs to tell that to Boise St who went undefeated in their season last year but didn’t play in the BCS Championship because many analysts say they didn’t play a tough schedule like other teams.

Some say a playoff system will be complex. I don’t see how. The current system right now is complex because of how teams are ranked.

The current playoff system for College Basketball works perfectly and I think is a good example of why the College Football system should follow.

I’m probably ranting a lot but everybody already sees this as a problem. Heck, even Barack Obama who is a sports guy himself would like to see a playoff system.

I don’t like going into conspiracies but I actually think it’s a conspiracy that most of the top Universities in the country are more favored over small universities.

One more thing: One player in the running Heisman don’t deserve to be in the conversation.

Here’s the top players some analyst say are in the running: Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Mark Ingram, Jimmy Clausen and Case Keenum.

Can you pick the odd one(s) out? Colt McCoy.

If Sam Bradford wasn’t injured and was playing, they’d probably put him in too.

Tim Tebow gets a pass because he’s the only player on his team who’s doing something really offensively productive.

All I’m saying is that there’s too much popularity right now in College Football. Look at stats and impact a player has instead of his popularity.

I will end it like this: Tim Tebow is overrated, Colt McCoy doesn’t deserve to be in the Heisman conversation and BCS is a popularity contest and a sham.

Please, somebody, FIX IT. FIX IT NOW!!!!


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