Saying We Have Lousy 3G Coverage, There’s A Lawsuit For That:AT&T Sues Verizon For Map Ad

Verizon Vs At&T

Nobody saw this coming. After seeing all those Verizon 3G Map ads, it looks like AT&T has had enough and is apparently suing Verizon for false information. Here’s the quote for AT&T:

In essence, we believe the ads mislead consumers into believing that AT&T doesn’t offer ANY wireless service in the vast majority of the country. In fact, AT&T’s wireless network blankets the US, reaching approximately 296M people. Additionally, our 3G service is available in over 9,600 cities and towns. Verizon’s misleading advertising tactics appear to be a response to AT&T’s strong leadership in smartphones. We have twice the number of smartphone customers… and we’ve beaten them two quarters in a row on net post-paid subscribers. We also had lower churn — a sign that customers are quite happy with the service they receive

Apparently Verizon had already changed the ad a bit but AT&T still is not satisfied.

This case is about to get interesting. Now that Verizon has Motorola Droid that could potentially rival AT&T’s iPhone, this could get interesting…



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