Our Monopoly Isn’t Like Your Monopoly: New York Attorney General Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel


Looks like somebody is in big trouble. The New York Attorney General is officially filing antitrust suits against Intel that accuses it of paying computer makers rebates to illegally maintain its monopoly power.

Here’s the officially statement:

“Intel has engaged in a systematic worldwide campaign of illegal, exclusionary conduct to maintain its monopoly power and prices in the market for x86 microprocessors,” the suit asserts. “By exacting exclusive or near-exclusive agreements from large computer makers in exchange for payments totaling billions of dollars, and threatening retaliation against any company that did not heed its wishes, Intel robbed its competitors of the opportunity to challenge Intel’s dominance in key segments of the market. This illegal behavior was highly detrimental to consumers, competition, and innovation.”

Intel is already facing a $1.5 Billion fine for antitrust activities by the EU and they are in the middle of an appeal. Intel’s spokesman has said that they will defend themselves against the suit.

This is not a good look for Intel.

This is the official lawsuit document (PDF)



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