Worst Job In The World?: Man Stabs Himself So He Wouldn’t Go To Work At Blockbuster

We all know Blockbuster is not doing well. Netflix and Redbox are crushing their competition and now it seems to be getting worse.

Apparently, a man stabbed himself so he wouldn’t have to go to work. Here’s the story:

29-year old Aaron Siebers stabbed himself then made up some phony story about being in an attempted robbery. However, surveillance footage of the area where it supposedly happened turned up nothing. In the end, Siebers admitted to stabbing himself so he could get out of going to work at a Colorado Blockbuster. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors stitched up his wound.

This has to be worst excuse to skip work. EVER. When people are losing their jobs all over the country, this idiot stabs himself to skip work. What a Retard!

[Denver News]


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