Augmented Reality-Esquire Style: Esquire Magazine Uses Augmented Reality, The Future Is Here

Esquire December

Augmented Reality is cool. The ability to view objects through a device and get actual data is very futuristic and very cool looking. In many ways, augmented reality has been limited to cellphones like the iPhone and some Android devices.

Now in comes Esquire magazine. People say print media like newspapers are dying slow but it looks like Esquire is doing some good times. In their new December issue, they make use of augmented reality. It’s nothing really huge but I like how this is going. Just point your magazine at your camera on your PC and voila, Robert Downey Jr blows up on your computer screen.

The way this is going, I won’t be surprised to see video in magazines or better yet, HOLOGRAMS! Check out the video and see for yourself. Kudos to Esquire to stepping up:


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