The Anatomy Of A Global Takeover: Google Launches Own DNS Service, Darth Vader Quietly Giggles To Himself

I like Google. I use Google services a lot. I use Chrome, Google Maps, GMail and a handful of other services.

Then I got this news about Google Launching its own DNS service.

As much as I like Google, I don’t trust it that much. The same way I like a couple of Microsoft services but not trust them the same way.

Google already knows everything about us. They know where we live (Google Maps and Streetview), they know our search history (you have an option to turn it off) and basically a lot of other stuff.

Something creeps me out about a company like Google launching it’s own DNS service especially since they already have tons and tons of collected data already.

Google is already in the process of digitizing books and are probably going to jump into the cellphone business with their own Google Phone (it’s going to happen!).

I like Google a lot. But they scare me at the same time. It’s like looking at a person who has a great personality and smiles a lot but in the back of your mind, you know they know a lot of you and could potentially do anything with that information.

Could Google eventually become like Skynet? Or is it basically like the Internet Jesus who helps out whenever it can?

I wonder if Jesus would use Google…..

[Wiki About DNS] [TechCrunch]


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