Google Phone Imminent, Codenamed The Nexus One

You knew this would happen sooner or later: Google will officially launch a phone. Not Android Phone. A Google Phone.

The phone right now is codenamed the Nexus One and Google has sent it out to Google employees for extensive testing.

So here’s the story of the Google phone:

  • It’s going to be manufactured by HTC but will not have the HTC branding. Kind of like how Zune HD is manufactured by Toshiba by it’s a Micrsoft device.
  • It will be running Android 2.1
  • It will be shipping Spring/January 2010
  • It will be an unlocked GSM phone and be not carrier exclusive. Since it’s GSM, T-Mobile or AT&T could use it.
  • It has a Snapdragon chip and is therefore very fast
  • It has an OLED screen and is thinner than the iPhone

The only real concern we consumers should care about right now is the price. Most unlocked GSM phones are not really cheap. But because it’s coming from Google, there might be a chance this phone will be within your budget (one can hope).

If Google can get a phone, why can’t Microsoft? Advantage Android…



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