The Google Phone Arrives: The Nexus One Is Real

Google is going to hold a conference next month to announce the rumored Google Phone, the Nexus One. Here’s some of the details you need to know about this phone:

• It’s a T-Mobile exclusive. It will cost $180 with a new plan and $530 unsubsidized.

• If you want it subsidized, you’ll have to sign up for a 2 year mandatory contract

• There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 total
• Existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line
• If that doesn’t fly with you, you have to buy the $530 unlocked version
• Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530
• You can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account
• There is language in the agreement of shipping outside the US
• Google will sell it at
• Google will still call it the Nexus One

Bascially T-Mobile is getting the advantage here. I have to say I’m disappointed in the unsubsidized of $530 but I understand that it’s a business strategy. Hopefully, it will make enough sales for Google to bring the price down.

More details should come in the following week. Stay tuned.


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