My Top 10 Tech Predictions For 2010

1. The Apple iSlate/iGuide/iTablet Will Officially Kill The Magazine and Newspaper Business

– You should have seen this coming. The Newspaper business did not have a good year and it will get worse in 2010. The impending Apple Tablet will focus more on being an e-reader type of device and that will kill the paper industry and make the way for digital magazine and newspapers.

2. The Music Industry Will Take A Huge Hit And Push Heavy Towards Digital Downloads

– Another thing that you should see coming. When’s the last time people bought CDs? Digital downloads are the future and iTunes is making a killing. Ringtones downloads are still strong and soon enough, the music industry will cut the costs of making CDs and jump fully into digital downloads.

3. Smartphones Will Become Full Force While Mobile Technology Evolves

The iPhone changed the face of Mobile phones. After Apple introduced the iPhone with its touchscreen, the mobile industry followed suit. Everybody came out with their touchscreen phones including Blackberry. In 2010, the trend will continue and more phone makers will make more smartphones with touchscreens with better mobile capabilities.

4. iPhone 4G Will Leak/Be Officially Revealed With Full Specs

There will a lot of curiosity into the next iPhone and that curiosity will lead to a huge leak before the phone is officially announced. The specs will include a better camera and bigger storage space.

5. Windows Mobile 7 Will Be A Sleeper Hit

– Nobody is paying attention to Windows Mobile these days. Apple and Google are stealing marketshare quick and fast and Microsoft can’t do anything about it till next year. People will be waiting for the Windows Mobile 7 to fail but it will not. It won’t be a mobile revolution but it will be huge upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.0.

6. Project Natal Will Be The New Wii

– If Microsoft manages to properly market Project Natal to the masses, it will become the new Nintendo Wii. Kids and Grown folks alike will become hooked. Project Natal will also be used in other areas such as News Studios, Weather Broadcast and much more.

7. Cloud Computing Will Have A Slow Start But In 2011 Will Show Potential

– The major thing people worry about cloud computing is the security and data privacy. Google Chrome OS will have people feeling uneasy about cloud computing, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing will be slow to pick up. Eventually, people and businesses will realize the potential of the cloud and it will take off late 2010 and be embraced fully in 2011.

8. Social Media Will Stall At The End of 2010

– Facebook and Twitter have been growing since it was created. Facebook has officially over 300 million users and every celebrity in the world has gone Twitter crazy. In 2010, this growing trend will slow down. Facebook will not bring much innovation in 2010 and therefore will become stale. Twitter will be the same. Both will have slow growth in 2010.

9. Augmented Reality Will Be A Huge Hit

– Augmented Reality is slowly coming along and will become more popular in 2010. More smartphones released will feature this technology and it will become huge. Businesses, retailers and public services like buses will use Tag readers to help with the flow of their businesses.

10. Online Streaming/Mobile Streaming Will Come Full Force

– Netflix, Apple iTunes and others will lead the way for online streaming. As internet speeds increase and get better, so will consumers start taking advantage of online streaming. Mobile wireless speeds will increase significantly and so will mobile streaming on news, real-time searches and streaming on movies and TV. People will also take advantage of online streaming on their Xbox 360s and PS3s.

Bonus Prediction:

Cloud Gaming Will Be Formally Introduced And Will Be Big In 2011

– Cloud Gaming could be huge but it will be let down because of the current wireless speeds available. But in 2011, speeds will be increased and that will make the way for a more acceptable gaming experience.


3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Tech Predictions For 2010

  1. Great post. Interesting prediction for number eight and a very valid one. I imagine that different social networking platforms will evolve and take some market share from Facebook. I think business will have to become more efficient in their use of social networking platforms as the user base stalls and becomes too convoluted.

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