Internet Explorer Slowly Losing Market Share, Can Internet Explorer 9 Be The Savior?

Internet Explorer is slowly losing the battle for market share. Even though IE currently has a 65% of the browser market share, it has lost a chunk of it and it has Firefox to thank for that.

Google Chrome was the biggest surprise and is now sitting at 4.63% overtake Apple Safari. It looks like the unveiling of Chrome extensions might have helped.

Things don’t look good for Internet Explorer as it is expect to lose more market share by the middle of the year.

Microsoft has slipped up huge already with the mobile market. Already giving chunks of share to both Apple and Google and now it looks like they might lose the browser war too.

The only thing that could possibly help them would be the unveiling of Internet Explorer 9. And if that version flops too, Microsoft will lose the battle and the war.

[Computer World]


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