NFL 2K Is Actually Better Than Madden NFL. Or Maybe I’m Wrong?

I didn’t start playing Madden till a couple of years ago. Madden 10 is a great game to play.

After watching a couple of playoff games today, I decided to do a little searching of some football video games. After a couple of searches, I came across ESPN NFL 2k. I have to say: WHAT A GAME!

This brings me to the following conclusion: NFL 2K5 is better than Madden 10.

If Electronic Arts (EA) hadn’t bought exclusive rights to the NFL, NFL 2k10 could have been the best NFL game on the shelves. Here’s a couple of video evidence:

EA had to get to Madden 10 before they started to get better commentary (still sucks), and other stuff off the field.

NFL 2k5 Halftime Show (Blows away Madden 10 Halftime)

Redskins Highlights (Great Commentary):

Giants Vs Chargers

I think I’ve made my point. NFL 2K5 looked more fluid before Madden 10. They show more sideline and crowd reactions. Way before Madden 10 did that. And yes, they have WAY better commentary than Madden 10 (hey EA, get rid of Tom Hammond).

You might ask, why haven’t I seen NFL 2K10? That’s because EA bought all the exclusive rights to the NFL through 2012. Can you imagine what it would look like now??

Look at the rivalry between NBA 2K and NBA Live. It’s great competition and actually breeds great innovation. Both games are great right now.

Because Madden NFL has no competition, one could say they’ve become stagnant. Madden 10 is nice and all but we all know EA could have done way better. The commentary is god awful and their venture into extra curricular activities like halftime shows and crowd reactions is underwhelming.

If EA releases Madden 11 and it doesn’t contain some of the improvements in which I earlier outlined, I don’t see myself purchasing it.

NFL 2K5 is good. Could NFL 2k10 have been better than Madden 10? Honestly, I think NFL2k5 is actually a little better than Madden if you neglect the graphics.

(Note: NFL 2K5 was only $20!!!!!)


2 thoughts on “NFL 2K Is Actually Better Than Madden NFL. Or Maybe I’m Wrong?

  1. Well said bro. I miss the hell out of that game. Actually, the graphics were allright if u used the progressive scan.2k5 was football. More vids are probably needed to convince the football nazis at ea to step it up, for the love of god. Its like they dont take pride in thier work at all. But like I said b4 well said bro

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