Apple Event: What To Expect (Flying Unicorns Not Included)

First of all, expect Steve Jobs to be there. There was talk that Steve put a lot of work into the rumored Apple Tablet and it would make sense for him to introduce the product to us.

Expect to hear a lot of numbers. Numbers of iPods and iPhones. Expect to hear about how the iTunes is doing.

The next thing that should be expected is the announcement of a new update to the iPhone OS. Much has been speculated about what is included in the new update. People expect the new  OS to have some multitasking ability and also a new UI. It’s going to be nice to see a new UI because frankly, the iPhone at this point is very boring.

The iPad/iSlate/iTablet is expected to be announced. If it’s not, this event would be a major waste of everybody’s time. Expect the new device to be a likeness of the iPhone and a Macbook. I’m not expecting a webcam in this device but anything can happen. Expect the device to have some haptic feedback. Overall, the device will have a new way of playing with the UI.

The device will be linked to newspapers, magazines as well as ebooks.

The iPad is expect to use iTunes LP more effectively. I expect the device to ship somewhere in June at around $700 to $1000.

Did I miss anything?

Maybe, just maybe, Steve might drop a surprise by announcing a new iPhone coming in June/August.

Schedule your calendars for Jan 26th. No company should be stupid enough and announce and release any device in that week or you will be demolished by the Apple empire.


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