Apple iSlate/iPad: Most Hyped Up Device. EVER!

I love the best device as much as the next guy but this is getting out of hand!

Apple’s unknown device is most likely to be announced this Wednesday and the rumors about the specs of the device are flying all over the place.

Some are claiming that this will be the device that will finally kill the newspaper and magazine companies and others are saying this is the device of the future.

I know it’s common for people to speculate about upcoming devices from Apple and other companies but now everybody and their grandmother claims to know what this device will look like.

I remember when Apple announced their rock and roll event and everybody expected huge things. But all we got was a nano with a video camera and an ipod touch with no camera. Disappointing.

The more we hype this device up, the more we could end up disappointed.

I really hope this device is up to hype but in reality, I know that some of us are going to be disappointed.


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