Dear Steve Jobs, Where Is The REAL Apple Tablet??

I guess everybody has seen/heard about the Apple iPad (insert joke) that Steve Jobs announced today.

Here’s the the problem: I don’t believe it’s real

The rumor mill may have superhyped this device but in reality, the device itself is (very) underwhelming. Steve Jobs basically said the iPad is better than a netbook. Be honest with yourself: You know that’s far (very far) from the truth.

I’ve already listed the specs and prices for the Apple iPad. Here’s what it DOESN’T have:

  • No camera/webcam
  • No tethering
  • No voice support
  • No TV subscriptions (widely rumored)
  • No textbooks
  • No background apps
  • No new notifications system
  • No complex multitouch
  • No Adobe Flash support
  • No brand new platform (basically it’s the iPhone OS under the hood)
  • No new take on the tablet UI, no significant on-screen keyboard advances
  • No USB port for device connection, such as flash drives (a problem for road warriors hoping that this will replace a notebook/netbook)
  • While the device is unlocked, the choice of micro SIM limits carriers

Oh yeah, did I mention the 3G option includes AT&T??

The event itself was somewhat a letdown. We all expected to hear about the iPad but there wasn’t even a mention of something for the iPhone. Nothing. Zilch.

Maybe he’s saving that for an iPhone event. (I really hope so)

The only high point i think was the price. Everybody figured the device would be expensive but we were all surprised when we heard it the 16GB version was going to be $499.

Apple has always been the company of innovation. If any other company had an event, nobody would have given it a second thought.

As a fan of Apple and most of it’s innovation, I was a little disappointed by today’s event. I expected more but got less.

Maybe there’s a 2G iPad, it will be better. Hopefully.


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