Heavy Rain: One Of The Best Games On The PS3 You Might Never Buy

I don’t own a PS3. I have an Xbox 360 but I keep up with what games that come out for every console and one of those games is Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain is a story about the Origami Killer and revolves around several characters who each have their own unique stories but are all centered around the Killer.

From what I’ve seen from all the gameplay videos, this game is truly unique. It’s well designed and has a unique style. Unfortunately, most people including myself don’t expect this game to sell well. It’s going to be critically acclaimed but possibly won’t have high sales numbers.

The game itself is not a high paced action game but rather a slow paced story driven game which many gamers might find unappealing. It’s going to find a niche among some certain gamers but majority will take a pass.

It’s really unfortunate when a game like this comes along and is so different with its style and gameplay that people won’t play it. Many people would rather hit up Modern Warfare 2 and blow stuff up than watch a great story progress.

It’s coming out 23rd February.

If I had a PS3, this game would be on watch list. Check it out for yourself.


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